Author: <span class="vcard">Janelle Menzies</span>

Council installs drain buddies

The drain buddy installation was a huge success today and received lots of positive community interest and support. 


3 drain buddies were connected to drains on the beach near the church and 5 drain buddy nets were installed inside drains located on Noble Drive, Gribble Street and Reservoir Road.


The Council road crew team were on site for the installation and taught how to maintain and empty the drain debris from the nets.  


The drain buddies will be monitored and emptied on an ongoing regular basis, and data will be collected and recorded to understand the positive impact on the local marine environment, and the difference following the introduction of the plastic bag ban and container refund deposit scheme later this year.


To assist us with our data recording we kindly ask that the nets or drain buddies are not interfered with, and any blockages or damage be reported to Council or the Gunggandji Rangers.


A big thank you to Aaron Horsey from the Cleanwater Group for custom making and installing the drain buddies, and Matt Wheldon from Tanagaroa Blue who assisted Aaron with the install. 


We also wish to acknowledge the support received from the Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council and the Queensland Government to make is project a reality.  This project is a component of the Yarrabah Social Reinvestment Project. 





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